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On the Nature of God:

Seeker: Baba Giufa, what is the nature of God?

Baba Giufa: Kingfish.

Seeker: Kingfish! What does that mean?

Baba Giufa: Do you agree that in God is contained the ideal of all things?

Seeker: Yes, I think so.

Baba Giufa: And do you not also agree that when you look around you in the world most of what we consider success has been obtained by fraud and deceit?

Seeker: Well yes, I guess I mostly agree with that too.

Baba Giufa: Then you must also agree that, Kingfish is God.

On Truth:

Seeker: Baba Giufa, what is truth?

Baba Giufa: All that is not a lie.

Seeker: Then what is not a lie?

Baba Giufa: Nothing.

On Racism:

Seeker: Baba Giufa tell me about racism in the United States of America.

Baba Giufa: There are only three black men in America. The holy trinity is Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson and Denzil Washington. All black sports stars and politicians are emanations from Samuel Jackson and all black singers and actors, people in the arts and all others are emanations of Denzil Washington. Morgan Freeman is God, but only in a supporting role and he is pissed.

There are a lot of black women, however. They are all descended from Ethel Waters. Butterfly McQueen did not exist.

Seeker: But,,but Baba doesn’t what you just said seem…er…  seem maybe a little racist? Maybe not… oh, I do not know.

Baba Giufa: There are no races, my lad, only racists and we are all racists otherwise why would we invent the concept of race.

On Meditation:

Seeker: Baba Giufa, tell me, how does one meditate properly?

Baba Giufa: Do you like to chew gum?

Seeker: Er…yes..what does that have to do with it?

Baba Giufa: Then chew some gum and concentrate on how much you enjoy it. Soon you will be meditating. There is no need to suffer in order to find enlightenment.

More on Truth:

Seeker: Baba Giufa, tell me, how is one to know the truth?

Baba Giufa: If you do not have enough information to know the truth of a statement (and you never do), you should assume it is a lie and seek for a motivation. And if you find one, no matter how far-fetched, then you are better off assuming it is more true than the original statement.

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