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One day, I drove into Fort Bragg in Mendocino County to have my tire repaired. Waiting for the repairs allowed me to do what I love doing best, wandering aimlessly. Among my wanderings, I visited the wonderful Noyo Headlands Park.  Located on the bluffs rising above the waves breaking on the rocks below, the Park runs along the shoreline for several miles.  The California Coastal Conservancy, the Agency I created and headed, helped to bring the Park into existence. The Park represents to me an ideal use of an urban waterfront — an environmentally sensitive public park along the city’s shorefront. I believe it will soon be considered one of the nation’s premier oceanfront park and environmental restoration areas. Now if we can only get the City of Fort Bragg to post proper signage along PCH so that people can find it, it will be a boon to the City’s economic health and to the environment.


I urge you to visit it and see if you agree with me.

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