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Mystery novels and thrillers written by lawyers or ex-lawyers have become almost a sub-genre in themselves. Of course, what impels them to give up the emotionally rewarding vocation of an Attorney for the insecurity of a literary life remains a mystery in itself.

Except for books by my friends Sheldon Segal and Chris Moore, I try to avoid books written by fallen members of that class of parasites who often see themselves as counselors to society, or at least to that segment of society who can afford their fees. Alas, so many are writing books now, it is difficult to avoid them completely.

The Big Kahuna of this group of authors is John Grisham. For some reason, every now and then, I pick up one of his works to read. He appears more stylistically accomplished than many of his brethren and quite clever in his plotting and story telling. But, what distinguishes him is that he may be this generations muckraker in chief.

Many of his stories concern an individual attorney with little power engaging in lonely and dangerous fight with representatives of formidable economic interests. Grisham devotes much of his books to describing how the particular economic interest exercises its will to the detriment of society. His latest, Gray Mountain takes on big coal in Appalachia.

Pookie says, “Check it out…”

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