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Baba Giufa and the Irritating Young Man.


On day Baba Giufa and two of his female Dharmanoids were sitting at a sidewalk cafe in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Baba Giufa had become successful enough that he had replaced his bus-boys jacket with a resplendent white designer blazer. His pants were no longer string tied and off-white in color, but bright white slacks from the same designer. He had abandoned the pink flip-flops for the latest fashionable pair of trainers and although on his head he still wore a Panama hat with its black band and its brim cut off, it was no longer the old beat up one that he had previously sported.


His two Dharmanoids were dressed in scarlet gospel singer robes. He originally had them dress in white robes but when the laundry bill got too high for his tastes, he changed the color to that of the local football team of which he was an ardent fan. He called his female Dharmanoids his Befanas because they brought him presents.


Now it came to pass that on this day a group of about three young men passed by and seeing them sitting there drinking their espresso began to laugh and point at them. The leader of that particular group being, as leaders often are, also the most aggressive, came up to the table where Baba Giufa and his Dharmanoids sat.


“You three look ridiculous”, he shouted loud enough so that his friends could hear.


Baba Giufa ignored him


“What’s your name weirdo?”, the youth challenged.


Baba Giufa now looked directly into the young man’s eyes and after a moment or two responded calmly, “They call me Baba Giufa”.


“Bullshit”, cried the young man, “What’s your real name?”


“My real name is unpronounceable”, said Baba Giufa in a soft voice.


“More bullshit,” said the young man becoming redder in the face. “Everything is pronounceable, asshole”.


“So you think you can pronounce my real name then?” asked Baba Giufa.


“Ha,  of course”, said the boy.


“I will tell you what”, said Baba Giufa, “If you can pronounce my name, I will buy you and your friends each an espresso, and if you cannot then you and your mates will move along and leave us alone. Does that seem fair?”


“Stupid, but sure, ok” he responded turning and grinning at his friends, “Go ahead”.


And with this agreement in place, Baba Giufa leaned forward slightly and simply stared even more intently into the boy’s face.


Finally, after a while, the young man became uncomfortable and said “Well? Say Something”.


To which Baba Giufa responded, “Ah, so you admit you cannot pronounce my real name?”


“What?” the young man exploded, “You haven’t said anything yet”.


“And that”, responded Baba Giufa,  “is why I am called Baba Giufa”. 

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